1975 Team Stats

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Sorry, we have no game statistics for this year. 

If you have a record of the games played, please let us know.

1975 Team Pictures 
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1975 Season Dinner Program


Check back for more pictures soon.

1975 Junior Roster  (Lost sheep appear in red,  Please forward any info on these people to us.)

Name Type
Karen "McCarthy" Cheerleader
Gerri CarreraCheerleader
Mary CollinsCheerleader
Mary CorteseCheerleader
Debbie GleasonCheerleader
Barri HolkerCheerleader
Kerri LoberCheerleader
Carmen MedinaCheerleader
Jeanne O'DonnellCheerleader
Diana PetrassiCheerleader
Valerie ReardonCheerleader
Patricia ScottoCheerleader
Roseann SmallmanCheerleader
Anna SwartzCheerleader
Debbie TizioCheerleader
Catherine WhelanCheerleader
Anthony BarbaPlayer
John BelcastroPlayer
Robert BlancoPlayer
Don CushPlayer
Don FontanaPlayer
Lou GuiterezPlayer
Richard HarringtonPlayer
Thomas McGowanPlayer
Gerald McHalePlayer
Rafael MonzonPlayer
Brian NewberryPlayer
Sal PaparonePlayer
Anthony PonsiglionePlayer
Joseph SalumnPlayer
Mike SanchezPlayer
George ShkanPlayer
Robert SilvaPlayer
Frank SiracusaPlayer
Joseph SteynPlayer
Ed TalissePlayer
John VazquezPlayer
Timothy WilbournPlayer
Raymond ZgaljardicPlayer