1968 Team Stats

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Played Where Their
10/06/68 Hurricanes Away 0 6
10/13/68 Pioneers Home 10 6
10/20/68 St. Michaels Home 6 40
10/27/68 Crusaders Home 0 14
11/03/68 Rams Away 14 12

R  A  I  N  O  U  T

11/17/68 Hurricanes Home 6 12
Playoffs 11/24/68 Rams Away 6 14
12/01/68 Pioneers Home 6 20
      Total points scored: 48 124

1 9 6 8   P L A Y O F F   C H A M P S


1968 Team Pictures (click on picture to enlarge)

Pioneer Game
Pioneer Championship Game
Familiar Intermediates 1

Familiar Intermediates 2

1968 Awards Dinner
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1968 Junior Roster  (Lost sheep appear in red,  Please forward any info on these people to us.)

Name Type
Mary (Courtesse) DeVitoCheerleader
Marybeth (Kelly) HennessyCheerleader
Linda (Zanfini) HochbergCheerleader
Mary Hope MeyersCheerleader
Margaret "Maggie" (Abel) NarducciCheerleader
Toni SrourCheerleader
Elaine ZanfiniCheerleader
Jerry CurcioCoach
Joseph "Joe" MaronnaCoach
Edward MecnerCoach
Cathie SrourCoach
Marjorie SrourCoach
Tony "Coach" SrourCoach
Jeffrey "Jeff" AielloPlayer
Richard AltonagaPlayer
Emil BuattiPlayer
Henry ChaplinPlayer
Bob Di BenedettoPlayer
Robert GardnerPlayer
John GuarinoPlayer
Daniel "Danny" HigginsPlayer
William "Billy" JohnsonPlayer
Thomas LaniganPlayer
Paul LawrencePlayer
Robert MackiePlayer
John "Jackie" MaiorinoPlayer
Joseph MarucciPlayer
Daniel "Danny" McguirePlayer
Victor MolePlayer
Kenneth "Kenny" NajjarPlayer
Gary NielsenPlayer
Kevin O'LoughlinPlayer
Jeff PallonePlayer
Phil PerciPlayer
Sean RowleyPlayer
Robert ScarnaPlayer
Timothy SweeneyPlayer
Eddie VelazquezPlayer
Leonard VinciPlayer
Bruce WallacePlayer
Keven WardPlayer
Stephen WhelenPlayer
Anthony "Stick" ZanfiniPlayer