1967 Team Stats

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    Date Played Where Their


  10/01/67 Our Lady of Peace Home 26 36
10/07/67 Rams Away 2 6
10/15/67 Hurricanes Away 0 6
10/22/67 Chargers Away 0 12
10/29/67 White Eagles Home 8 28
11/05/67 Raiders Home 0 22
11/12/67 Crusaders Home 6 36
Playoffs 11/19/67 Hurricanes Home 0 20
11/26/67 Rams Home 14 12
12/10/67 St. Bernadette Home 12 18

Total points scored:

68 196

1 9 6 7  D I V I S I O N   C H A M P S

1967 Team Pictures (click on photo to view larger image)

Awards Dinner Tony Srour
& Robert Holton
Tony Srour
Robert Kowalski
Tony Srour
& Paul Lawrence
Tony Srour
& George Najjar
Tony Srour
& Michael Wrath
Tony Srour, ???
& Michael Wright
Tony Srour
& Anthony Zanfini
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1967 Junior Roster  (Lost sheep appear in red,  Please forward any info on these people to us.)

Name Type
Lillian ArceCheerleader
Barbara CantwellCheerleader
Carol (Kasper) CararolCheerleader
Marian CrokeCheerleader
Pam (Haddad) GreenfieldCheerleader
Linda (Zanfini) HochbergCheerleader
Susan (Coellin) KowalskiCheerleader
Margaret "Maggie" (Abel) NarducciCheerleader
Eleanor RyalCheerleader
Kathleen (Migliore) SavioCheerleader
Joann (Bertucci) TufanoCheerleader
Elaine ZanfiniCheerleader
Cathie SrourCoach
Marjorie SrourCoach
Tony "Coach" SrourCoach
Patricia (Lanigan) YoungCoach
John AyoubPlayer
Dennis BabstockPlayer
Vincent "Jimbo" CaiazzoPlayer
Alex CarresePlayer
Ron CasarettiPlayer
Bob Di BenedettoPlayer
Thomas "Del" EnnisPlayer
George FarranPlayer
Andrew GarciaPlayer
Robert GardnerPlayer
Robert HoltonPlayer
Bob KowalskiPlayer
Paul LawrencePlayer
Joseph MarucciPlayer
Victor MolePlayer
George NajjarPlayer
Richard O'DonnellPlayer
Joe PrysbyskiPlayer
Richard RhinehartPlayer
Robert ScarnaPlayer
Sebby SciayabbePlayer
William VasquezPlayer
Bruce WallacePlayer
Mitchell WirthPlayer
Michael WrightPlayer